Orange County, Florida

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Orange County FLGenWeb: Early Settlers

The following biographies are contained in "Early Settlers of Orange County, Florida," by C. E. Howard, Orlando, FL, Publisher, 1915. The original images copy of the book is online at Central Florida Memory. It contains images and some additional information pertaining to the history of Orange County.

I will be slowly transcribing these biographies. When each is done, there will be a link to the obituary from this list and their surname will be capitalized. If there is a photo to go with the person, I will indicate this, but you will need to go to the original work to view it.

SurnameFirst Name(s)PageNotes
Barber Andrew J. 55 
Barber Joseph A. 54 
Berry W. T. 38 
Blakely William P. 25 
BOONE C. A. 9online version has a newspaper article on page 9 and Boone's bio. on page 9a
Bradshaw Col. John Neill 50 
Caldwell Mrs. C. V. 25 
Chapman John T. 17 
Cheney Judge J. M. 51 
Clouser J. B. 26 
Crawford Hon. George W. 17 
Dann R. Edgar 49 
DAVIS Frank H. 10 
Dillard Hon. J. L. 66 
Dollins L. J. 24 
Duke Mrs. Mary Kerr 41 
Ewing Earl W. 53 online version has a newspaper article on 53 and Ewing's bio. on 53a
Fogg N. H. 36 
Giles James L. 64 
Gore Mahlon 52 
Graves I. W. 39 
Graves James W. 39 
Griffin Benjamin Luther 28 
Griffin Hon. Samuel S. 58 
Hand Elijah 40 
Hand Sheriff C. M. 23 
Hill W. J. 33-34 
Hoffner Charles H. 27 
Howard C. E.2 (preface) 
Hull William Benj. 46-47 
Hupple Bernhart 37 
Jerome R. P. 48 
Kilmer Dr. Washington 18 
KING Murray S. 8 
Lewis Joseph M. 62 
Lewter Frederick Augustus 59 
Lumsden H. A. 34 
LYNCH Maj. Wm. Brigham 15 
Magruder James Bailey 32 
Maguire David O. 61 
Martin Judge William 22 
Massey Louis C. 16 
Matchett J. W. 23 
Minor Tyrannus J. 38 
Nehrling Henry 30-31 
Newton Hon. A. B. 22 
O'NEAL Hon. William R. 13 
Osborn L. C. 37 
Overstreet Hon. Moses O. 65 
ROBINSON Samuel A. 14 newspaper articles on him and his wife cover page entirely
Rollins Mrs. Helen 67 
Sadler Hon. J. H. 57 
Saunders-Massey Mrs. Elizabeth M. 36 
Searcy John Neill 21 
Seegar S. J. T. 29 
SIMS Capt. B. M. 6 
SIMS Dr. Eugene O. 8 
SIMS J. Walter 7 
Smith William 60 
SPEER A. 11 
SPEER Judge J. D. 12 
Stewart Capt. J. C. 63 
Stone A. A. 35 
Stone L. L. 35 
Strong Edward Malten 29 
Thompson Dexter C. 15 
Tilden L. F. 19 
Warlow Judge T. Picton 20 
Witherington Hon. H. H. 56 
Woodruff Elias 42 
Woodruff Seth 44 
Woodruff William Washington 42-43 
woodruff Frank L. 45