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Orange County FLGenWeb: Korean Conflict Casualties

Source: Extracted from "Records of Military Personnel Who Died as a Result of Hostilities During the Korean War, created, ca. 1977 - 11/1979, documenting the period 1/1/1950 - 2/7/1957," National Archives and Records Administration, online database

SurnameFirst NameService No.RankBranchUnitCity/CountyBirthDeathNotes on Death
ARNOLDDonald Jr13410651LTArmy  Orange19273 Oct 1951   Killed in Action
BEARDALLHarold MartynA0769375CAPTAir ForceReserveOrlando16 Oct 192431 Mar 1954Aircraft Loss/Crash; Not at Sea; Fixed Wing; Air Casualty; Other Aircrew
BRANDJoe Lycurgus Jr.415257GSGTMarinesRegularOrlando3 Sep 1923   12 Feb 1953Aircraft Loss/Crash; Not at Sea; Fixed Wing; Air Casualty; Pilot
BROWNGeorge Elwood1079715PFCMarinesRegularOrlando21 Jan 193120 Sep 1950Gunshot or Small Arms Fire; Ground Casualty
BROWNRobert E.14290324PFCArmyReserveOrange19302 Nov 1950Died While Capture
BURNSBenjamin Jr.14371417PFCArmyReserveOrange19326 Sep 1951Killed in Action
CORDERLewis K. Sr.36397303CPLArmyReserveOrange191813 Aug 1950Died of Wounds
EASONTheon O.A019099732LTAir ForceReserveApopka 13 Dec 19254 Nov 1950Aircraft Loss/Crash; Not at Sea; Fixed Wing; Air Casualty; Pilot
EDENSMelvin622053PFCMarinesRegularWinter Park26 Dec 192813 Jun 1951Multiple Fragmentation Wounds; Ground Casualty
FERGUSONRaymond A.14290457SGTArmyReserveOrange193024 Nov 1950Died of Wounds
HENSLEYJasper N.06380324MSGTArmyReserveOrange19114 Nov 1950Died While Missing
HOLLOWAYJimmie34201485MSGTArmyReserveOrange191712 Feb 1951Died While Capture
JOHNSONEugene V.53136938PVTArmy Orange19309 Jul 1953 Killed in Action
KICKLIGHTERCharle14087804SGTArmyReserveOrange19281 Sep 1950Killed in Action
LIVINGSTONJimmie B.1128082PFCMarinesRegularOrlando2 Mar 193226 Mar 1953Gunshot or Small Arms Fire; Ground Casualty
MC QUEENGilbert D.53006875PVTArmy  Orange19283 Jun 1951Killed in Action
MEROWilliam Henry506072LTJGNavyReserveSanford2 Oct 19284 Sep 1951Aircraft Loss/Crash; Not at Sea; Fixed Wing; Air Casualty; Pilot
NOLENArthur P.53048638PFCArmy  Orange192920 Sep 1951Died of Wounds
SMOAKElton E.14244852CPLArmyReserveOrange193027 Jul 1950Killed in Action
TODDBlanton44007377CPLArmyReserveOrange192611 Jul 1950Died While Capture
WILLIAMSTony N.53049208PVTArmy  Orange192830 Oct 1951Killed in Action
WOODRaymond G.14244213PVTArmyReserveOrange192903 Dec 1950Killed in Action
WORDENHarry Raymond1128003PFCMarinesRegularWinter Park30 Jul 193027 Oct 1950Arillery/Rocket; Ground Casualty