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April 2017:

1870 US Federal Census for Polk County - Heads of Households    A thru K    L thru Z
Biography of Milton Adams
Biography of J. D. Allen
Biography of Milam R. Anderson
A. C. Armistead
Floyd Snook Cemetery (Lakeland)
Lakeview Cemetery (Lakeland)- was erroneously called Polk Count/County Cemetery on this site previously
Laurel Hill Cemetery (Lakeland)
Oak Hill Cemetery (Bartow)
Roselawn Cemetery (Lakeland)
Tiger Flower Cemetery (Lakeland)
Oak Hill Cemetery (Lakeland)
Fort Meade Colored Cemetery (Ft. Meade)
Mount Pisgah Cemetery (Ft. Meade)
Mount Olive Primitive (Bradley Junction)
National Register of Historic Places
CSA Record of Sgt. Robert Rufas Smith
Historic Plaques
Wedding dinner for Fred Tollef Walter and Wanda Frances Jaeger
List of Books Pertaining to Polk County
Biography of David C. Allen
Biography of Olive Spence Baker Monroe
Descendants of Henry Collier
Descendants of James Aaron Whidden

WPA Federal Writers' Project Collection 1936-1940:
        Abbin, Jaydy - surnames: Abbin, Atkins, Bryan, Ford, Rodgers, Stokes, White.
        Bevely, Dave & Jeanette - surnames: Bevely, Fern, Hallman, Sweat, Turner.
        Boyd, John & Rebecca - surnames: Andrews, Bonaker, Boyd, Drane, Dix, Helm, Hutch, Livington, Rochelle, Rossevelt, Sanders, Stephenson, Sullivan.
        Flucher, Patience - surnames: Flucher, Hendrick, Jackson, Johnson, McLeod, Oates, Raodes, Riley, Roux, Sullivan.
        Gray, Rich & Lula - surnames: Gray
        Kellum, Robert & Ruby - surnames: Bells, Bryant, Freeman, Glenn, Kellum, McCarthy, White.
        Merryvale, Frank & Ella - surnames: Dolly, Merryvale, Wilkins.
        Robinson, Charlies & Lucinda - surnames: Bethune, Bogan, Robinson, Jackson, Williams
        Scott, Robert & Rosa Lee - surnames: Bryant, Graham, Jones, Jupiter, Mitchell, Scott, Scout, Spanish, Walker, Young.
        Stembridge, Will & Julia - surnames: Candy, Conack, Coniber, Daniels, Hall, Stembridge.
        Threet, Dan & Amelia - surnames: Brown, Derman, Roberson, Rochelle, Threet, Williams, Winn
        Wimster, C. W. - surnames: French, Lindsay, Lowther, Stevens, Wimster, Wishart.
        Wright, John & Susan - surnames: Green, Hawkin, Love, Simpson, Willie, Wright, Write

Places Names
Forgotten Town: Sumica
Wisconsin People Entertained By Park Hotel
Haines City School Honor Roll, 1918
Ebert-Sample Wedding
Jones-Guttridge Wedding
Jones-Townsend Marriage
McGregor-Helton Wedding
List of Funeral Homes as listed in 1999
List of Books Pertaining to Polk County
Polk County, Florida Voter Registration Lists 1867-68

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