Greenwood County Cemeteries

Saturday, December 13, 2014 Posted by Laverne Tornow

I am currently seeking up to date Cemetery Transcriptions, photos, Church and Cemetery Histories to place on this website. If have or know of transcription, photo or history of a Greenwood County Church or Cemetery, please consider submitting it for display on this site. To submit an item, please contact the County Coordinator.

Utilizing various online resources I was able to identify 159 active and inactive Cemeteries in Greenwood County. Some Cemeteries have been known by several different names over the years and whenever possible I have included those names in the Notes/Comments column. If you are aware of a cemetery in Greenwood County that is not on this list, please contact the County Coordinator

Cemetery Name



Andrews Cemeteries Cokesbury  
Andrews/Bullock Coffeytown Creek Plantation Cemetery Kirksey  
Antioch Baptist Church Cemetery Epworth  
Arnold-Cochran-Ellis-Mundy Cemetery Greenwood  
Bailey Bethel AME Cemetery Greenwood  
Barnette Family Farm Cemetery Greenwood  
Bethany Cemetery Greenwood  
Bethel United Methodist Church Cemetery Callison  
Bethlehem Cemetery Waterloo  
Bethlehem Cemetery Coronaca AKA: Coronaca Cemetery
Beaulah Baptist Church Cemetery Greenwood  
Bold Spring Baptist Church Cemetery Callison  
Bullock-Whatley Cemetery Epwoth  
Burnett Cemetery Greenwood  
Butler Cemetery Hodges  
Byrd Cemetery Greenwood  
Caldwell Family Cemetery Greenwood  
Calvary Grove Baptist Church Cemetery Callison  
Campbell Cemetery Troy  
Cedar Grove Cemetery Bradley  
Chaney Family Cemetery Greenwood  
Childs Family Cemetery Ninety Six  
Coleman Family Cemetery Ninety Six  
Connie Maxwell Children's Home Cemetery Greenwood  
Crossroads Cemetery Greenwood  
Damascus Baptist Church Cemetery Phoenix  
Devore Cemetery Greenwood  
Douglass Family Cemetery Bradley  
Dozier Field Cemetery Ninety Six  
Dunns Creek Cemetery Ware Shoals  
Dyson Family Cemetery Greenwood  
Edgewood Cemetery Greenwood  
Elmwood Cemetery Ninety Six  
Episcopal Church of the Resurrection Greenwood  
Evening Star Cemetery Greenwood  
Fairview Cemetery Greenwood  
Fellowship Baptist Cemetery Greenwood  
First Mount Moriah Baptist Church Cemetery Greenwood  
Flint Hill Baptist Church Cemetery Greenwood  
Friendship Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Ninety Six  
Friendship Pentecostal Holiness Church Cemetery Good Hope  
Gaulden Family Burying Ground Ninety Six  
Good Hope Baptist Church Cemetery Hodges  
Good Shepherd Cemetery Greenwood  
Graham -Jones Cemetery Ware Shoals  
Graham-Moore Cemetery Nations  
Gray-Jones-Tolbert-Riley Cemetery Greenwood  
Greenville First Presbyterian Church Ware Shoals  
Greenwood Cemetery Greenwood  
Greenwood Memorial Park Cemetery GHodges AKA: Greenwood Memorial Gardens Cemetery
Greenwood Memorial Gardens Cemetery Cokesbury  
Greenwood Shores Baptist Church Cemetery Ninety Six AKA: Salem United Methodist Church Cemetery
Hackett-Moore Cemetery Epwoth  
Harris-Stalnaker Cemetery Kirksey  
Hastings Family Cemetery Ninety Six  
Hillcrest Cemetery Greenwood  
Historic Ninety-Six Jail Cemetery Ninety Six  
Hodges Cemetery Hodges AKA: Providence Baptist Church Cemetery
Hodges Family Cemetery Hodges  
Holloway Family Cemetery Ninety Six  
Horeb Baptist Church Cemetery Troy  
Hunt Acres Cemetery Greenwood  
Immanuel Lutheran Church Columbarium Greenwood  
Jacobs Chapel Baptist Church Cemetery Greenwood  
John Logan Cemetery Greenwood  
Johns Creek Baptist Church Cemetery Greenwood  
Johnson Family Cemetery Greenwood  
Kinard Family Cemetery Ninety Six  
Kinards Methodist Church Cemetery Greenwood  
Little Zion AME Church Cemetery Greenwood  
Long Cane Memorial Site Troy  
Lyon - Lipford Cemetery Bradley  
Magnolia Cemetery Greenwood  
Marion Family Cemetery Ninety Six  
Mars Hill Baptist Church Cemetery Hodges  
Marshall Chapel Baptist Church Cemetery Ninety Six  
Mathews Mill Cemetery Greenwood AKA: Mathews Cemetery
Mathews Family Cemetery Epworth  
Matthews-King Family Cemetery Cambridge  
McGehee Family Cemetery Greenwood  
McGehee-Montague Cemetery Greenwood  
Millway Baptist Church Cemetery Troy  
Morris Hill Cemetery Greenwood  
Mount Carmel United Methodist Church Cemetery Kirksey  
Mount Creek Baptist Church Cemetery Troy  
Mount Harmon Baptist Church Cemetery Bradley  
Mount Hermon Baptist Church Cemetery Ninety Six  
Mount Lebanon United Methodist Church Cemetery New Market AKA: Lebanon Cemetery
Mount Olive Cemetery Ware Shoals  
Mount Sinai A M E Church Cemetery Troy  
Mount Pleasant Cemetery Verdery  
Mount Sinai Cemetery Verdery  
Mount Vernon Cemetery Greenwood  
Mount Zion Baptist Church Cemetery Coronaca  
Mountain Creek Baptist Church Cemetery Kirksey  
Mt Gallagher Baptist Cemetery Ware Shoals  
Mt. Carmel United Methodist Church Cemetery Ninety Six  
Mt. Olive Baptist Church Cemetery Phoenix  
Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church Cemetery Greenwood  
Mt. Tabor Baptist Church Cemetery Greenwood  
Mt. Zion AME Church Cemetery Promised Land  
New China Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Troy  
New Hope Baptist Church Cemetery Greenwood  
Ninety Six Community Cemetery Ninety Six  
Ninety Six Mill Cemetery Ninety Six  
Ninety Six Presbyterian Church Cemetery Ninety Six  
Ninety-Six National Historic Site Ninety Six  
Oakbrook Memorial Park Greenwood  
Old Asbury Methodist Church Verdery  
Old Burial Ground Greenwood  
Old Cemetery (Colored) Ware Shoals  
Old Field A.M.E. Church Cemetery Callison  
Old Methodist Cemetery Greenwood  
Old Mount Zion Baptist Church Cemetery Greenwood  
Old Mulberry Creek Baptist Cemetery Hodges  
Old Pine Grove Cemetery Bradley  
Old Tabernacle Cemetery Cokesbury  
Old Walnut Grove Church Cemetery Hodges  
Park Family Cemetery Greenwood  
Partlow Family Cemetery Greenwood  
Payne Family Cemetery Ninety Six  
Penn Cemetery Greenwood  
Pine Grove A. M. E. Church Cemetery Hodges  
Pine Grove AME Church Cemetery Callison  
Pine Pleasant Ninety Six  
Pleasant Rock Baptist Church Ninety Six  
Pollard Family Cemetery Ninety Six  
Poplar Springs Baptist Church Cemetery Ware Shoals  
Proctor Family Cemetery Ninety Six  
Providence Baptist Church Cemetery Stoney Point  
Reel Family Cemetery Callison  
Rehoboth United Methodist Church Cemetery Greenwood  
Robertson Cemetery Ware Shoals  
Rock Presbyterian Church Cemetery Greenwood  
Rush Cemetery Greenwood  
Rushville Cemetery Bradley  
Saint Paul AME Church Cemetery Greenwood  
Salter Home Cemetery Hodges  
Sandridge Baptist Church Cemetery Ninety Six  
Save All Cemetery Greenwood  
Second Damascus Baptist Church Phoenix  
Siloam Baptist Church Cemetery Greenwood  
Simpson Mathews Cemetery Kirksey AKA: Mathews Field Cemetery
Sister Springs Baptist Cemetery Greenwood  
Smyrna Presbyterian Church Cemetery Promised Land  
Springfield Baptist Church Cemetery Greenwood  
Stevens Family Cemetery Cambridge  
Tabernacle Cemetery Cokesbury  
Townsend Cemetery Greenwood  
Tranquil United Methodist Church Cemetery Greenwood  
Troy Cemetery Troy  
Vance-Godbold Cemetery Hodges  
Waller-Hackett Family Cemetery Greenwood  
Walnut Grove Baptist Church Cemetery Hodges  
Watson Cemetery Hodges  
Watson-Barratt Cemetery Callison  
Watts Cemetery Cokesbury  
Wren-Rhodes Cemetery Callison  
Young's Chapel Baptist Church Greenwood