Greenwood County GenWeb Project

How to Volunteer

There are many ways that you can volunteer to help with the Greenwood County GenWeb Project or any other county within the SCGenWeb Project. We have many opportunities and needs!

What We Need

County Coordinators
CC's maintain County Projects, adding to the information already on the site and coordination local efforts to enhance the data available. Ideally a CC will either live in the county they adopt, or have strong ties to the county. To become a County Coordinator contact the State Coordinator.

Assistant County Coordinators
Assistant CC's do just that. Assist the CC in maintaining the website and coordinating efforts to place more data on the website. Ideally an ACC lives in the county they are assisting with or has strong family ties to the county. To become an ACC for a particular county, first you contact the County Coordinator and if accepted by the County Coordinator, the CC will then make the necessary contact with the State Coordinator. You will then be contacted by the State Coordinator.

Local Assistants
Local Assistants live within the county they volunteer for. They do a variety of duties, depending on what they volunteered to do. Photograph and document cemeteries, transcribe documents, conduct look ups for site visitors, etc. To become a Local Assistant, contact the County Coordinator.

Transcribe documents that you find online, at the library, courthouse or any other source and send to the County Coordinator. Becoming a transcriber only is very easy, you only need to contact theCounty Coordinator and let them know you have transcriptions to submit!

Look Ups
Be listed as a look up Volunteer for site visitors. To become a Look Up Volunteer, just e-mail the County Coordinator with your name, the e-mail address you want to use and the resources available to you for looking information up.

Cemetery Surveys
Cemetery Surveys require a digital camera, and the time necessary to visit a cemetery and photograph it. This would include several overview shots and close ups of each and every headstone. Ideally, unless a very small cemetery, this would be done by a group of people. Once done, you would write a paragraph or two on the general condition of the cemetery, precise directions to the cemetery and list each burial with birth and death dates and any other notes or comments. If you would like to do a cemetery survey, contact the County Coordinator. I have some handy forms I have developed for this purpose I can send you via e-mail.

We are always interested in old photographs old pictures of people and places within the county. To submit a photograph and a brief description of the subject matter, simply contact the County Coordinator.

Family History Narratives and Town Histories
Family History Narratives and Town Histories are always welcome. There are a few restrictions though. Please do not submit anything that you did not write, UNLESS you have the written permission of the author to place the narrative on this website. Permission must be transmitted with the narrative. Narratives must not contain information on living persons. To submit a narrative please contact the County Coordinator.